Safety Glasses

Our Safety and Security Glass solutions are essential for high-risk entry points. They are required by building regulations to be installed where there’s a high probability of broken glass causing harm. We manufacture safety glass with a thickness range of 4mm to 19mm.

The product is achieved by subjecting glass to heat with a temperature of approximately 720°C then, it is rapidly quenched and cooled. Safety glass has increased strength (five times stronger than annealed glass) and will automatically shatter into small harmless pieces when broken.

It is always used where strength, thermal resistance, and safety are of great importance.

Our range of laminated security glass products is able to resist penetration and multiple strikes due to permanently bonded layers of clear or tinted polyvinyl-butyral interlayers between sheets of float glass. This property makes it an essential security feature for your building. Its ability to shatter into small, relatively harmless granules makes it a vital product in high traffic areas and for table-tops and shower doors.

Frameless Safety Glass Entrance & Shop Front